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Welcome to the home for Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. We are family friendly breeders of  Tricolor, and Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. All our puppies have champion bloodlines for conformity to the AKC breed standards without sacrificing good health or the wonderful personality traits the Cavalier should possess. All our puppies are AKC Registry qualified and are hand raised with love in a family environment, to encourage the best traits this breed can have. These are not just puppies for sale, but our babies and the joy of our lives, and we take great pleasure in spreading that love and passion. Our Georgia(GA) location is an easy drive from North Carolina (NC), Tennessee (TN), Northern Florida (FL) and South Carolina(SC).


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We also, on occasion import Cavaliers from some of the best breeders in Europe, where the breed originated from (History), to make sure we have a diverse genetics mix, yielding the best puppies. When we import, we do our homework and only accept the pick of the litters, and throughly vet check before and after arriving from Europe for any health or genetic problems, long before considering a dog for breeding or sale. We do not crossbreed, line breed, or mix colors for the sake of winning ribbons. With all that said, welcome to Mountain Cavaliers.


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Our Cavs are part of the family as they were intended to be. Cavalier personalities blossom with attention and care.


This breed has beautiful, large, dark eyes. These loving, good natured animals that are fond of children and make good companions for the young and old alike. Sociable with both people and other dogs, they do not like to be left alone for long periods. (The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is distinguished by its longer nose and heavier build from the King Charles Spaniel aka English Toy Spaniel.)


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Colors: Tricolor - black and white, well spaced and broken up, with tan markings over head, inside legs, on underside of tail. Black and Tan - black with bright tan marks above eyes, head, chest, legs, underside of tail; white marks undesirable. Ruby - Rich red; white markings undesirable. Blenheim - Chestnut markings, well broken up, on white ground; markings evenly divided on head, lozenge between ears.


AKC Ranking: 70

Family: spaniel, companion

Area of Origin: England

Date of Origin: 1600s

Original Function: flushing small birds, lapdog

Today's Function: companion

Avg. Size of male: Height: 12-13 Weight: 13-18

Avg. Size of Female: Height: 12-13 Weight: 13-18

Breed Standards


    As its name implies, the cavalier King Charles spaniel is derived from spaniel roots. The European toy dogs were probably the result of breeding small spaniels to Oriental toy breeds such as the Japanese Chin and perhaps the Tibetan spaniel. These Tudor lap dogs, known as "comforter spaniels," served as lap and foot warmers, and even surrogate hot-water bottles. In addition, they served the vital function of attracting fleas from their owners' bodies! The toy spaniels became especially popular because they appealed to all members of the family. In the 1700s, King Charles II was so enamored with his toy spaniels that he was accused of ignoring matters of state in favor of his dogs. The dogs were so closely associated with him that they became known as King Charles spaniels. After his death, the Duke of Marlborough took over as the major advocate of the breed; the red and white 'Blenheim' color, which was his favorite, is named after his estate. The King Charles spaniel continued to grace the homes of the wealthy for generations, but with time a

    shorter-nosed dog was preferred. By the early 1900s, the few dogs that resembled the early members of the breed were considered to be inferior. A twist of fate occurred when a wealthy American, Roswell Eldridge, came to England and offered outlandish prize money for the best 'pointed-nosed' spaniels - those most resembling the old type. Breeders bred their old-type dogs together in an effort to gain the prize, and in so doing, many came to appreciate the old type. Ironically, these dogs, named cavalier King Charles spaniels in honor of the 'cavalier king,' eventually outstripped their short-nosed counterparts in popularity, becoming one of the most popular breeds in England. They were slower to catch on in America, and many cavalier owners fought AKC  recognition in an effort to control the problems that so often accompany popularity. In 1996, the AKC recognized the cavalier.




    The cavalier in many ways fits the bill as an ideal house pet. It is sweet, gentle, playful, willing to please, affectionate and quiet. It  is amiable toward other dogs, pets and strangers. Outdoors, its spaniel heritage kicks in, and it loves to explore, sniff and chase.

    Cavalier temperament

    The cavalier needs a fair amount of exercise every day, either in the form of a moderate walk on leash or a romp

    in a safe area. This is not a breed that should live outdoors. Its long coat needs brushing every other day.


    Major concerns: MVD

    Minor concerns: patella luxation, entropion

    Occasionally seen: retinal dyspepsia

    Suggested tests: cardiac, hip, knee, eye

    Life span: 9 - 14 years


    The cavalier is an elegant, royal, toy spaniel, slightly longer than tall, with moderate bone. It retains the build of a working spaniel, yet in a smaller version. Its gait is free and elegant, with good reach and drive. Its silky coat is of moderate length, with a slight wave permissible. Long feathering on the feet is a breed characteristic. A hallmark of the breed is its gentle, sweet, melting expression.

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