Our Guarantee


We WILL NOT sell our puppies to PUPPY MILLS , BROKERS, or PET STORES for any reason!


We WILL only sell puppies to LOVING HOMES as lifetime companions.


A health check from our veterinarian

Our puppies get a comprehensive vet check, not just a quick once-over. First round of vaccinations at 6 weeks, wormed several times between 2 and 8 weeks.

Puppies who are flying will get a Health Certificate & Acclimation Certificate.

1-year money back guarantee for congenital life-threatening disorders which must be verified by your veterinarian and confirmed by our veterinarian.


If this should happen you would receive a new puppy when available or a refund.


Our puppies are checked by our veterinarian before they leave for their new homes. We guarantee it, at the time they leave our care, they are free of fleas, ticks, ear mites, intestinal worms, & infectious diseases.


Our veterinarian checks for any sign of genetic defects. We guarantee that, at the time they leave our care, our puppies are free of any obvious genetic defects, and that our vet found no genetic defects during his examination.


What are your responsibilities?

It is your responsibility to take your new puppy to your veterinarian as soon as possible after they arrive in your home for a comprehensive health check-up. Remember, due to their age, your new puppy may not have had all their required vaccinations yet, and must never be exposed to other pets until your veterinarian has verified that all the pets in your home are completely healthy and free of parasites & infectious diseases. We advise you to have your new puppy vet checked within 72 hours.


Under no circumstances should you ever surrender your dog to an animal shelter! If you should ever find yourself in a situation where you cannot keep your Cavalier we ask that you contact us for help with placement of your dog in another home. If necessary, we will gladly come to pick them up and provide a loving home for them until they can be placed elsewhere.


How do you get your new puppy home?

You are always welcome to pick up your new puppy here in Appling, GA. Your puppy can be picked up when they are 8-weeks-old or older. If you are unable to come we will reluctantly ship the puppy to you. If shipped, you would be responsible for all shipping fees.


What it comes down to

When our puppies leave our care, they are HAPPY, HEALTHY, WELL-SOCIALIZED, and have had lots of lovin'. We aim to keep it that way.


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